| Japanese (日本語)

Our activity is to promote understanding of Japan and Japanese culture by providing information of Japan and organizing Japanese culture event.

Opening Hours (except Saturday, Sunday & Observed Public Holidays):
08:30-12:30     14:00-16:30
Tel: 04-226-3030 ext 117

1. Library Hall
You can visit our Library Hall to read the books and magazines, to watch videos on current topics from Japan (daily according to the time slot allocated).

2. J-Library Membership
Due to copyrights matters, with immediate effect from 1st April 2013, all J-library members are not allowed to borrow any books, CDs and DVDs from the library. However, public still can access to our library to read books, listen to music CDs or watch DVDs
at the library hall. ( Membership is no longer required ).

3. Japanese Artifacts
We have Japanese artifacts (Yukata, Happi, etc.) that are available for lending.

4. Visiting Japan
We have pamphlets for the people who are interested to visit Japan (number is limited).

5. Useful information links about Japan
Travel & Business information, Studying in Japan, Learning Japanese Language and many more.......