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Greeting from Consulate-General

Welcome to our website.

Penang has been called “Pearl of the Orient” for its beauty. Consulate-General of Japan is located in North-East of Penang Island. We cover Penang state and other five Northern states (Perlis, Kedah, Perak, Kelantan, Terengganu)

There are a lot of tourists coming from Japan and moreover, many Japanese capital corporations and Malaysia-Japanese joint ventures operate especially in Penang and also Kedah and Perak states.

Many Japanese reside in these areas and enjoy not only beautiful tropical nature but also Malaysian hospitality. On the other hand, it is shown by our visa statistics that the number of Malaysian visitors to Japan is increasing extremely as the relationship between Malaysia and Japan get closer.

With this website, we will offer latest information about our services and activities. We will be delighted if it could be useful to you.

We welcome any suggestions to make this website more convenient for you.