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Visa Application Requirement

From 1st July 2013, the Government of Japan has decided to abolish the requirement of short-term visa for Malaysian Nationals who hold ordinary biometric passports with embedded microchip that is compliant with ICAO standards(issued since February 2010) who wish to enter Japan for short-term stay.

However, this visa exemption only apply to Malaysian Nationals holding ordinary biometric passport with embedded microchip that is compliant with ICAO standards. Malaysian Nationals who do not hold ordinary biometric passport with embedded microchip that is compliant with ICAO standards remain advised to obtain a visa to enter into Japan.

The visa exemption arrangement between Japan and Malaysia, which had been existed since before 1993, provides that Malaysian nationals who meet the relevant conditions could enter Japan without obtaining a visa for a period of not exceeding three consecutive months (short-term stay). However, in 1993, the Government of Japan after taking into consideration the situation at the time and in consultation with the Government of Malaysia, began to advise Malaysian nationals to obtain a visa in advance to enter Japan.

For checking method of passport is compliant with ICAO standards or not.
For Malaysian nationals who do not hold an ordinary biometric passport with an embedded microchip that is compliant with ICAO standards.
For other country nationals.

Notice at entry point in Japan

1. In accordance with the above visa exemption, the duration of stay in Japan to be given to Malaysian Nationals at that time of entry inspection will be for maximum 90 days. (Those who plan to stay for more than 90 days or work in Japan, remain required to obtain a visa as before.)

For information on visa application.

2. When you enter into Japan, your entry permit will be issued at the entry point by the Japan immigration (This is the same for those who enter into Japan with a valid travel visa). Please take note that you might be asked about your purpose of visiting Japan or requested to submit necessary documents (For example: Return flight tickets & etc.).
Please be aware that you might be denied entry if you are entering Japan for short-term stay but the total duration of your stay in Japan in a year exceeds 180 days.

3. Any foreign national who falls under any of the following conditions among others are not allowed to enter Japan ever after the implementation of visa exemption for Malaysian Nationals which started from July 2013.
(1) A person who has been deported from Japan for overstaying and the stipulated period of denial of landing has not elapsed from the date of deportation,
(2) A person who has been convicted of violation of any law or regulation of Japan or of any other countries, and has been sentenced to imprisonment with or without work for 1 year or more or to equivalent penalty,
(3) A person who possesses any narcotics or psychotropic substances illegally.

The grounds for denial of landing on foreign nationals are stipulated in Article 5 of Japan Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.

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If you need to enter Japan due to exceptional circumstances such as humanitarian grounds, you are advised to contact the Consulate well in advance.

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