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Waseda Brass Band Concert 2008

Waseda Brass Band Concert was held for the third consecutive year on Saturday, November 22, 2008, at Auditorium A, KOMTAR. The concert was co-organized by the Consulate-General of Japan in Penang and the Penang State Symphonic Band (PESSBAND).

The guests of honour were The Right Honourable Mr. Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang and H.E. Mr. Hideaki Hoshi, Consul-General of Japan, was present to welcome him.

Admission to the concert was free and attended by music enthusiasts of all age groups. They are the continuing supporters to the Japanese amateur brass musical group since their premiere show in Penang back in 2006.

Among the classical pieces performed were La Grande Porte de Kiev (The Great Gate of Kiev), Vocalisec, Unter Donner und Blitz (Under Thunder and Lighning) etc. The band also presented Rasa Sayang, a Malaysian folk song as well as Theme from Star Wars. In addition, the group introduced three guest players from National Symphony Orchestra of Malaysia at the concert.

The Right Honourable Mr. Lim Guan Eng, Penang Chief Minister (middle), receives a souvenir from a member of the Waseda Brass Band. With him is Y.B. Mr. Lai Chew Hock, former PESSBAND Chairman. Akihiro Nakajima, the second youngest member, conducts the whole session of the musical ensemble. Every year, the audience is enthralled by the 27-year-old’s deft orchestral lead, which plays a part in livening up the whole concert. The beautiful music ringing in the Auditorium A, KOMTAR, gives every member of the audience an entertaining evening.


The average age of the Waseda Brass members is over 50. They hold professional jobs like hospital director, lawyer, architect etc. Their tunes catch the hearts of many music lovers. A guest player from the National Symphony Orchestra of Malaysia. They are Alexander Artomanov, Kim Vyachelav and Eric Lee Yin Fah. This is the first ever collaborative show between Japanese and Malaysian brass players. A full-house audience’s support is the best gift for Waseda members in Penang since 2006.