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Japanese Boy's Festival 2009

        Japanese Boy's Festival was held on Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at the Library Hall, Information and Cultural Section, Consulate-General of Japan , from 0900 hrs to 1100 hrs. 40 students from Chung Ling National High School were invited to the event. The Japanese Language students were treated with many interesting programmes, which included a session of chado , karuta games and explanation of major festive seasons in Japan .

        The Festival, also known kodomo no hi ( 子供の日 ), is held annually in Japan to pray for the health and happiness of children. Since it has been made a public holiday in Japan , many activities will be organized by the Japanese authorities now. The famous characteristic of the festival is the display of koinobori or carp flag.

The touch of the Master—Tokiyo Uchida is demonstrating the way of Japanese green tea. It is enacted in an idealized atmosphere of harmony and respect for the guests, with attention to cleanliness and order, strives to bring peace to body and spirit. Master's guidance—upon receiving a bowl of green tea from the host, the guest must turn it twice in clockwise and bow to the host at first. Then, the guest will sniff the tea and finish it in three sips. Every guest student is treated with a bowl of green tea and, a chocolate dry sweet as the tea may taste bitter for some. The very traditional lesson they learn upon finishing the tea is to wipe the rim where he sipped with his thumb and forefinger.

Students are observing the tea ceremony attentively, as it is a rare chance to experience the way of tea (chado). Such an encounter could be described as learning not only through bodily level, but also by way of spiritual altitude. The boys are fighting for the card! This is karuta game—a game in which participants need to find a matched picture card when a description is read. The game, which was introduced to Japan in the early 16 th century, normally is played during festive seasons.

The visiting students would have many valuable experiences to share with their family and friends upon attending the Boy's Festival in the Consulate-General of Japan . They look forward to come again for the future programmes.