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Rakuyo-Za Malaysia Tour 2017
In conjunction with the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Malaysia and Japan, the Consulate-General of Japan organized a Japanese traditional music and minyo dance performances : “Rakuyo-Za Malaysia Tour 2017” in Penang and Perak. The concert was held in penangpac, Penang on Friday (22nd Sept) and Sunday (24th Sept) and sandwiched in between on Saturday (23rd Sept) was the concert in Ipoh, Perak.

     The aim of this concert is to strengthen the friendship and promote mutual understanding between Malaysians and Japanese. Both concerts in Penang and Perak attracted nearly 2,000 audiences.

     Rakuyo-za comprised of five renowned prefressional performers from Japan. The five members of the traditional music ensemble are Yusuke Kemmochi and Mikie Yamaguchi - Shamisen players and Minyo singers, Yoji Ueki - Wadaiko player, Daisuke Yoneya - Shakuhachi player and Soki Kobayashi – traditional Minyo dancer.
Concert at penangpac, Penang (Friday 22nd & Sunday 24th September 2017)
Performance by Rakuyo-Za captivating the hearts of Malaysian audiences
Minyo dance by Soki Kobayashi was filled with surprises and entertainment
Minyo dancer Soki Kobayashi teaching the volunteers and the audiences the moves of Minyo Dance
Group leader Kenmochi (right) playing the Shamisen with Mikie Yamaguchi (left)
Kenmochi (left) and Yamaguchi (right) singing a Minyo with great expression that touches the hearts of the audiences
Shakuhachi and Shinobue performances by Daisuke Yoneya
Energetic and rhythmic Wadaiko performance by Yoji Ueki
Huge crowd at the lobby queueing for photo session and requesting autograph from members of Rakuyo-Za
Guests taking group photos with Rakuyo-Za
Concert at Perak State Government Building(SUK) Banquet Hall,
Ipoh (Saturday, 23rd September 2017)

As for the Concert in Ipoh, Perak, it was supported and co-organized by Perak State Government, Perak Malaysian-Japanese Friendship Society and The Japan Club of Ipoh. There were also exhibition booths by Japanese companies based in Perak to showcase their products at the venue.

Opening speech by Perak State Executive Member Dato Dr. Mah Hang Soon
Rakuyo-Za entertaining the over 1,000 audiences in Perak
Minyo dancer Soki Kobayashi teaching the volunteers and the audiences the moves of Minyo Dance
Guests visiting the exhibition booths by local Japanese companies
Japanese companies in Perak showcasing their products at the concert venue