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Japan Technology Weekend 2016

Tech Dome Penang and Consulate General of Japan in Penang jointly organized “Japan Technology Weekend” from 10 – 12 September and 16 – 18 September 2016.

There were workshops, technology performances and exhibitions conducted by Japanese companies. Participants in technology week include Toray, Murata, Sony, Renesas, Toyohashi University of Technology, Canon and Mr. Hideo Nakano, specialist from RECSAM.

There were activities such as robot cheerleaders, interactive with the singing plant, workshops on making IC recorder, magic mirror, Lego robot, science toys, Mini Japan Fest and etc.

Opening Ceremony
Guests of honor visiting the booth
Consulate-General of Japan's booth
Murata's Robot Cheerleaders performing for the first time in Malaysia
Children touching the singing plant at
Renesas's exhibition panel
Chief Minister at Toray's exhibition panel
Lego robot workshop by
Toyohashi University of Technology
Visitors learning Kirigami
(Japan's paper cutting art)
Mini Japan Fest
Hands-On Science Workshop
by Mr. Nagano
Sony conducting IC Recorder workshop
Free photo printing at Canon
exhibition panel