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Aikido Shoshinkai Penang Seminar 2016
      With the support by the Consulate-General of Japan in Penang. Aikido Shoshinkai Penang organized its first Aikido seminar on 22nd to 23rd October at YMCA , Penang. During the seminar, they held a public demonstration which featured Jiyu Waza (Free Techniques), empty hand techniques against strikes and disarming weapons.

     This Seminar was lead by Mr. Kunio Yoshimoto (7th Dan Aikido, 5th Dan Iaido), who is the founder of Aikido Shoshinkai in Shiga Prefecture, which is affiliated to Aikikai Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. He is also the Director of Shiga Aikido Federation, and a Shihan (Master Instructor) to Aikido Shoshinkai Penang.

     The seminar served as platform to increase awareness on the art of “Budo”, promoting healthier life style as well as the history and culture of Japan. In line with Aikido founder, Morihei Ueshiba’s philosophy of peace and objective to create a martial way of harmony, we as an Aikidoka truly believe that spreading the art of Aikido will not only help equip the society with better skills in self-defense, but also encourage living harmoniously with one another without conflict.

     Besides participants from Japan, there were total eight Aikido dojos from Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Sungai Petani participated in this seminar.

    Consulate-General of Japan is promoting sports exchange between Malaysia and Japan in conjunction with the upcoming Olympics Games in Tokyo 2020.

Opening speech by Consul-General, Mr. Itoi
Yoshimoto Shihan conducting the seminar
Glimpse of self defense action at the public demonstration
Participant receiving certificate from Yoshimoto Shihan
Group photo session