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The 20th Penang Bon Odori Festival 2016
    The 20th Penang Bon Odori Festival was held at Esplanade, Penang  on Saturday, 16th July. The Bon Odori Festival in Penang is co-organized by Penang State Government, Consulate-General of Japan in Penang, Malaysian Japanese Society, Penang Japanese Association, Penang Japanese Language Society, Japan Graduates’ Association of Malaysia-Northern Branch, and Alumni of Overseas Technical Scholarships. The Bon Odori in Penang is one of the biggest such Bon Festivals held outside Japan and it is held in July each year
Group photo of performance groups from Japan, Consul-General Mr. Itoi and his wife
( 4th and 3rd from right) and guests of honor.
Opening speech by Chief Minister of Penang,
Mr. Lim Guan Eng
Taiko Drum performance at the Opening Ceremony by students from Penang Japanese School
Consul General Mr. Itoi dancing in the rain together
with the guests.
Bon Odori Dance
Yosakoi dance by students from SMS Kepala Batas, Penang
Soran Bushi dance by students from SM Sultan Abdul Halim, Kedah
Samurai Maeda Toshiie Ondo Mai group performing energetic and lively dance
Japanese folk dance by Kasurino-Kai from Japan
Crowds dancing along with the shamisen performance by
Mr. Ken Mochi (剣持雄介氏) from Japan
Mikyan-the mascot from Ehime Prefecture, Japan joining the crowds.
Crowd dancing on the field under the drizzling rain
Crowds enjoying the final dance on the stage
The grand finale with beautiful fireworks