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School Caravan : Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abdul Halim, Kedah

(Penang, Jul 3) 37 students from SM Sultan Abdul Halim, Kedah visited the Consulate-General of Japan under the School Caravan Programme. They were accompanied by their Japanese language teacher, Mr. Sugandaran.

“Tanabata” was the theme of this school caravan. “Tanabata” is celebrated to commemorate the romantic story of a couple who were only allowed to meet each other once a year on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month. A welcoming speech was given by Mr.Nishizawa, followed by a short briefing of “Tanabata” and quiz game.

Quiz game conducted by Mr. NIshizawa
Japanese volunteer teaching students how to fold the decorations of "Tanabata"
Students hanging the decorations on the bamboo
Student learning how to fold a paper gun

The programme was then followed by an origami workshop conducted by the volunteers on how to make the decorations of Tanabata. The students also learned how to fold the paper gun and origami box. After the origami workshop, the students played with the traditional Japanese games : Kendama and Koma. The students enjoyed the games very much and they felt happy to join this event.

Students learning how to play koma
Students enjoying themselves playing with kendama
Japanese volunteers explaining the steps to the students on how to make the origami
Group photo

The Consulate-General of Japan conducts school caravan from time to time upon request from schools, introducing and promoting mutual understanding of Japanese language, custom, culture and tradition to Malaysian students.