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School Caravan: SMK King Edward VII, Taiping, Perak.

(Penang, Sept 13) 39 students from SMK King Edward VII, Taiping, Perak joined the School Caravan at Consulate-General of Japan for their second time. They were accompanied by their Japanese language teacher, Ms. Nirmala.

A slide presentation on Kimono to the students
A slide presentation on Japanese Seasonal Festivals to the students

A presentation of “Japanese Kimono" and “Seasonal Festivals in Japan” were held during the event.
The main highlight of the programme was Yukata Try-On Session. Yukata衣浴 (浴Yu means bath, 衣 katabira means under clothing) is a summer kimono/ casual Kimono. It is usually worn by woman, but is also worn by men. The Consulate-General of Japan invited Yukata Sensei Ms. Imura and Ms. Sato to demonstrate and teach the students how to wear yukata.
Imura Sensei and Sato Sensei wearing Yukata for a student at the demonstration session
Yukata wearing for female
Students wearing Yukata for each other
Students posting with their Yukata
Today, the yukata is widely worn as a casual wear in summer, as well as in festivals. The yukata is loved for its lightweight cotton material. Fabric designs vary from the traditional plain cross hatch pattern to the more colourful designs.
Students participating at the Japanese Language Quiz
Group photo session

The Consulate-General of Japan conducts school caravan from time to time upon the request of schools, introducing and promoting mutual understanding in terms of Japanese language, custom and culture, as well as tradition to the Malaysian students.