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(Penang, Feb 12)
In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, The Consulate-General of Japan in Penang organized a traditional and contemporary music concert “ AUN and HIDE Asia Tour Concert” on 12th Feb and 13th Feb in Penang at penangpac, Straits Quay and Han Chiang High School respectively. Penang was chosen as the first and only venue for AUN & HIDE musical tour in Malaysia. ASEAN and Japan's cooperative partnership began in 1973 with the establishment of ASEAN-Japan forum on synthetic rubber. Through the years, ASEAN and Japan have forged close cooperation towards peace, stability, development and prosperity in Asia. They have established close business partnership with total bilateral trade and Malaysia is an important investment destination for Japanese companies, inter alia ASEAN.

       AUN, featuring the twin brothers born in Osaka, Ryohei Inoue and Kohei Inoue, is a world renowned Shamisen (Japanese Guitar) group and also the founder of AUN J Classic Orchestra. Hideyuki Saito is a cymbal artist who has created the musical score for a number of Hollywood movies and also tours worldwide. AUN & HIDE were appointed as Special Advisors for Cultural Exchange by the Agency for Cultural Affairs to tour in US, Pakistan, Colombia, and Guatemala, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. They gave 29 shows and attracted more than 10,000 audiences in total. In June 2012, they released their first album “ONE ASIA”. After they performed in Brunei last week, they came to Penang to perform for the first time.

At penangpac
The two days concert with the theme of “ One Asia” was held in Penang for the first time. The first day concert was held at at Stage 1 , penangpac on Wednesday, 12th Feb 2014. The concert started with Chappa (Hand cymbals) performance by Hide with just a pair of ordinary hand cymbals. AUN & HIDE ‘s performance at penangpac was lively and awesome, giving a strong and new impression to the audiences that the ensemble of Japanese Traditional instruments such as Okedaiko ( Japanese Drum), Shamisen (Japanese guitar), Shinobue (Bamboo Flute) and Chappa ( Hand Cymbals) could actually produce such a beautiful, splendid and grand music. Total of 12 pieces of AUN & HIDE compositions were performed at penangpac. They received a standing ovation. Many commented that they were amazed and impressed by their professional skills and entertaining stage.

Kohei Inoue (centre) perfoming Shamisen (Japanese Guitar)
Hideyuki Saito (centre) impressed the audeinces with his Chappa ( hand cymbal)
A well cooperation and perfect rapport of Okedaiko performance by the Japanese Twin brothers
A new and impressive musical ensemble performance by Ryohei (Left), Kohei (Centre) and Hide (Right)

At Han Chiang High School
With the support from the Han Chiang High School Board, the second day concert was held at Lim Lean Teng Hall at Han Chiang High School on Thursday, 13th Feb 2014. More than 1000 students from primary, secondary and Han Chiang College attended the concert. As part of cultural exchange, the Han Chiang High School students performed a 24 Seasonal Drums and Dragon dance to the Japanese artists. AUN& HIDE's performance was followed by the Q&A session with the students. One of the alumni member of the school commended the performance as excellent combination of old and new.

24 Seasonal Drums performance by Han Chiang School Students to Japanese Artists & VIPS
Dato' Dr Cheah See Kian, (Second right), Director Secretary of Han Chiang School Board cum Honorary Principal of Han Chiang College, Mr. Ryuji Noda (Third right), Consul-General of Japan, YB Danny Law (Third Left ), Penang State EXCO for Tourism Development

Mdm. Kung Bee Lee (First right), Principal of Han Chiang High School presenting souvenirs to AUN & HIDE and Mr. Kenichi Nishizawa (First Left), Consul from Consulate-General of Japan
AUN & HIDE “One Asia” concert at Lim Lean Teng Hall,
Han Chiang High School received warm support from students and teachers
A traditional and contemporary music ensemble by AUN & HIDE
Energetic and heart beating Okedaiko performance by Kohei Inoue
Hideyuki Saito performing with various percussions
Ryohei Inoue playing Shamisen with innovative skills and techniques.
Kohei Inoue performing Shinobue with deep musical feeling and expression
Original and creative idea by Ryohei and Kohei Twin performance of Shamisen  gave the audiences a great  entertainment.
Students delivering questions to AUN & HIDE about their musical journey and career during Q&A session
AUN & HIDE answering to questions posted by the students

A memorable group photo of AUN & HIDE with Han Chiang High School students and teachers