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Japan Festival at USM, Penang.

(Penang, Nov 22) Consulate-General of Japan in Penang supported the Japanese Language Society in USM to organize its first Japan Festival from 18th to 22nd November at its main campus in Penang.

“Sakura” ( 桜, Cherry Blossom) was the theme of this festival. The aim of Japan Festival is to promote Japanese culture to the local and international students in USM. Many cultural related booths were set up during the four days exhibition. Consulate-General of Japan assisted the Yukata wearing session, handicraft workshop and Aikido demonstration.

The Japanese handicraft workshop was hosted by Ms. Takako Yamamura. Participants enjoyed making Origami crafts such as envelope, chopstick holder and flower postcards.

Students and their Origami works.
An international student from Nepal enjoy making Origami with her children.
Student making postcards.
Display of various handicrafts made by Ms. Yamamura.
At the Aikido (合気道) Demonstration booth, Franky Ramasamy sensei from Penang Mushinkan Aikido and his students performed Aikido techniques to the visitors. Franky sensei explained the art and history of Aikido to the enthusiastic audience and hey enjoyed very much in the session.
Performance by students from Mushinkan Aikido Centre.
Franky sensei demonstrating how to hold a Katana (Japanese Sword).

The Yukata (a traditional costume during summer) wearing session conducted by Ms. Imura was a hotspot at the exhibition.
The students were happy as it was their first experience to wear the traditional costume.

Japanese volunteers helping students to dress on Yukata.
Students posting at the Yukata wearing session.
In addition, Consulate-General of Japan conducted exhibition of Japanese dolls, books and magazines about Japanese culture and screening of Japan video topics.

Students reading books about Japanese cultures at the exhibition.
Students appreciates Japanese dolls.
Other exhibition booths included Japan quiz , Shodo(Japanese Calligraphy), Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), Japanese traditional games, Sushi workshop, Salmon cutting demonstration and variesties of Japanese delicacies.