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Japanese University Graduates’ Meeting 2010

The annual Japanese University Graduates’ Meeting was held at the residence of the Consul-General on Saturday, 19th June 2010. The meeting was attended by former Japanese university graduates and including the members of Japan Graduates’ Association of Malaysia-Northern Branch (JAGAM-NB).

Mr. Tetsuro Kai, the Consul-General, gave a welcoming speech. Mr. Lau Eng Hwa, Chairman of JAGAM-NB, was requested to a new initiative explain about objectives and activities of JAGAM. JAGAM has held many social and cultural activities such as education counseling, talks, public lectures and seminars for their members. In addition, JAGAM also assists fresh graduates in finding job opportunities in Malaysia. During the meeting, a self-introduction session was also held for the guest to get to know each other better.

Japanese University Graduates’ Meeting is held annually by the Consulate-General of Japan in Penang to promote friendship among the alumni of diverse professions who are currently residing in the northern region of Malaysia. Through this meeting the alumni can share their experiences in studies and work and also further promote the Japanese language and education in the northern region of Malaysia.

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