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School Caravan 2012

(Penang, Feb 14) 28 students of Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abdul Halim participated in a Japanese Culture School Caravan held at the Consulate-General of Japan. They are currently learning Japanese language in their school. A welcoming speech was given by Consul Ms.Nishizawa, followed by a short video clip "Japan Sense of Wonder", Festivals in Japan- Setsubun節分 (Bean Throwing Festival) and Hina Matsuri雛祭り(Girls Festival).

Students listening to presentation on Setsubun節分and HinaMatsuri雛祭り
Students taking picture with Hina DollsDecoration

During the game session, students learned and played a Japanese Characters card game and Jan-ken (じゃんけん-rock, paper, scissors.) Students not only had fun in the game but also tried to enhance their Japanese language skills

Cards game facilitated by Japanese volunteers.
Let’s play Jan-ken!

Another typical Japanese game called “Ayatoriあやとり”( string figure) was full of excitement and challenges. Students enjoyed creating crab and broom figures using merely a simply string.

During Ayotori game session,Japanese volunteers making a butterfly using merely a string and won applause from the students.
Does this look like a sea crab?


Story telling of a popular Japanese folk tale “ A Giant Radish” story telling had brought students to lots of entertainment and laughter.

An interesting story telling by a volunteer


In the afternoon,students had a opportunity to taste freshly steamed Omochi (rice cake) with either sweet soy sauce or Kaya coconut and egg jam) and enjoyed the delicacy.

Ms Nishizawa serves Omochi to the students.
This student was delighted with the Japanese rice cake!
Students going home with a joyful heart! Sa-yo-na-ra!