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Traditional/Contemporary Music Group Tour by ISSO Group

(Penang, Oct 24) The ISSO group from Japan held a series of workshops and performances in Penang to introduce unique combination of Japanese traditional Noh, classic and contemporary music to Malaysian people. ISSO group is a renowned traditional Noh music performance group in Japan. The group founder, Mr. Yukihiro Isso, is a professional and well known Noh flute player in Japan. He was accompanied by two leading musicians from Japan: Hiroshi Yoshino (Contrabass), and Junichi Takagi (Guitar). The event was co-organized by the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur, Consulate-General of Japan, School of The Arts, USM and Penangpac.

Noh Music Workshop at SMK Bukit Jambul and University Science Malaysia
The first workshop was held at SMK Bukit Jambul. The workshop was attended by Japanese language students from the school. Mr. Isso introduced the Noh flute and explained about Noh music history to the students.

Perfect trio of Noh flute, classical guitar and contra bass.
Mr. Isso performing 5 different wind instruments simultaneously.


Students practising Noh music with recorder.
A moment of cross cultural exchange through traditional Malaysian music performance by the students.
Students and ISSO group.

The second workshop was held at the School of The Arts, USM. During the workshop, Mr. Isso introduced the Arts School students about Noh music and exchanged his personal experience about his musical journey and song composition.

Students at USM gained knowledge and exposure to a new world of Noh music.
Traditional/Contemporary Music Performance: Sok-Ryu-Teki-Ha 速流笛破
ISSO group tour in Penang ended with a concert titled “ Sok-Ryu-Teki-Ha 速流笛破” held at Penangpac. The concert featuring traditional and contemporary Noh flute performance was the first in Penang. The ensemble of Noh flute, classical guitar and contra bass blended with combination of high, middle and low tone respectively. Mr. Isso also performed his own music composition with elements of both classic and contemporary music.
The response to the concert was simply great.
ISSO group performing at Penangpac