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JMTI Open Day: “ The Impact & Contribution of Look East Policy to Northern Region ”

(Penang, Sep15) With the support form Consulate-General of Japan and in commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the Look East Policy, the Japan Graduates' Association of Malaysia (JAGAM) Northern Branch and Japan-Malaysia Technical Institute (JMTI) jointly organized an Open Day with the theme “ The Impact & Contribution of LEP to Northern Region ” . This event was held at Japan-Malaysia Technical Institute, Bukit Minyak , Seberang Perai.

Students and guests at the Open Day.
Ms. Hayakawa explaining the current Japanese F.D.I to Malaysia .

Miss Hayakawa, Second Secretary of Embassy of Japan in KL talked about current Japanese F.D.I to Malaysia. Japan was the biggest investor to Malaysia in the first 9 months of 2012. Presentations by JAGAM members included Post Graduated Study Opportunity in Japan, Tourism Industries in Japan, Introduction of Toyota Production System, Introduction of 5S and Management System, Japan Overseas Education Status after Tsunami by Consul Mr. Nishizawa.

This event showcased various aspects of the impact and contribution made by JAGAM members to the economic development and manufacturing field in Penang. The Open Day also aimed to deepen the understanding of the public on Japan-Malaysia Technical Institute which was established in 1993 to produce skilled industrial technologists in the fields of advanced technology in manufacturing, electronics, computer and mechatronics so as to meet the needs of industrial technological development.

Kendo performance by Penang Kendo Society.
Students experiencing the art of Kendo.
There were also various Japanese cultural activities such as Kendo performance, Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement ) and Kimono demonstration held during the Open Day.
Ikebana aims at achieving perfect harmony, beauty, and balance.
Ikebana tutor explaining to the audiences about the Ikebana culture.
A cross cultural experience through Yukata wearing session.

Photo session with Kimono model. Left: Mr. Zaihan,Director of JMTI.
Right: Mr. Azman Hj Ibrahim and Mr. Choo Shing Lai, Chairman of JAGAM,

A group of JMTI students wearing Yukata.