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Consul – General Noda’s Activity : Clarion Malaysia 45th anniversary
      Consul – General Noda attended the 45th anniversary celebration event of Clarion Malaysia on 23nd Oct. Chairman and CEO of Clarion Japan, Tatsuhiko Izumi, President and COO of Clarion Japan, Hidetoshi Kawamoto attended the event.

     Local people named the initial multinational companies who set up their manufacturing operations at the beginning of industrialization in Penang as “8 Samurai”. Clarion Malaysia was established in 1970 as one of “Samurai” when their founder visited a piece of land on a coconut plantation near airport while looking for a suitable site for their plant at that time.

     Clarion Japan is also celebrating its 75th anniversary in this year. Clarion Malaysia, being the first offshore manufacturing facility for Clarion Japan, is celebrating its 45th anniversary. Managing Director, Clarion Malaysia, T.K. Tan, while delivering his speech, extended his appreciation to all those related for their long time support.

      Clarion Malaysia has been consistently involved in manufacturing, designing and developing in vehicle infotainment products (such as radio, audio, car navigation, etc) since its establishment and is adopting big changes of trend. Now, its targeted markets are South East Asia, India, Middle East, Europe and Africa. Their latest robotic-based production line was being introduced this year to improve the manufacturing productivity.

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Clarion Malaysia

Attended guests (Mr. Noda is at the center.)
In vehicle infotainment products
Robotic - based production line
Founder, Mr. Tan Chuen Hock (centre) and staff of Clarion Japan,
stood at the coconut plantation and visualized a future plant.